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One of those posts I meant to make a while ago....

Back in December, Weight Watchers introduced another revision to their program. All new books and handouts, some changes to the actual mechanics of the program. For the changes to the mechanics of the flex program that I follow, the explanation my leader gave is that the new program takes into account sex, height, age, and general activity level, where the old program was purely based on your current weight. As a middle-aged short female with a desk job, my points target is lower than it had been.

But that's not what I found fascinating about the meeting. My leader lost her weight 25 years ago, and told us about the program back then. Some of the oddities: it was a rigid diet plan at one point, with no substitutions allowed. You had to eat liver once a week (not a problem for me, I love it--but all the old hands said "I never ate the liver"), you had to drink milk but it had to be reconstituted powdered milk, ketchup was on the fixed diet but you had to make your own, tuna had to be eaten with mustard, not mayo, you had to eat bread, but only white bread and during daylight hours, and there were what they called "peanuts", which were mushrooms baked hard.

Oh how far WW, and dietary knowledge in general, has come!
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The day has been spent, mostly, packing. I lapsed during the week and didn't keep up the "box a night" pace, so today was an attempt to catch up. Started with the china, inventorying as I went, then moved on to other serving pieces, glasses, and miscellany. There's always more miscellany...

Result: six boxes packed today, all "book boxes", which seem a good size for this sort of stuff. What's left in the kitchen is mostly either things I'll keep out for the duration, and a few items for these last two weekends while I still have a stove and an oven. Tomorrow I'll tackle the utility room as I do my laundry, because on Sunday I head back to Denver. I did take a break today to run some errands and go to Weight Watchers, where it was revealed that I've managed to lose the 2 or so pounds I put on during the last Denver trip 3 weeks ago. I've resolved to do better during this trip: don't add the extra point or two at breakfast and lunch, and stay out of the chocolate!

After the utility room is emptied, I need to pack the fragile items from the little desk that might encounter some construction activity, pack the various pictures that have been removed from the walls, and move the piano and the music bookcase away from the wall that is losing a door. Then spend some time covering things for additional dust protection--I'm thinking I'll cover the upholstery of the dining chairs, the piano, and the closest bookcases. Carpet remnants are going on the hardwood floors in the hall and the dining area/temporary kitchen once I buy some carpet padding.

Somewhere in here I've got to find time to work on my taxes...
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Down an even pound, after a week of trying to keep to 20 points (which will be my official target in about another 3 pounds), not using flexpoints, and not using exercise points. And going to 4 Jazzercise sessions. I'll grant I'd hoped for a little more, but that's OK.

The little disappointment inspired me to dig out the Excel file I'd started early on and update it. The last couple of weeks have been only slightly above the trend, and the one before that was a significant drop below. I also looked to see when I might hit my goal weight, if the current trend keeps up--maybe mid-June. Except for my plan to go a little lower than the official goal, I could plan a little food-related celebration for my birthday in late June...maybe I will anyway.

In other news, I've got a head cold, probably courtesy of my 4-year-old nephew. Two days so far of a constantly runny nose. The used Kleenex is piled high. Ugh! Hate colds. Hate 'em.
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An "essentially flat" weigh-in, showing a gain of 0.2 pounds over the 2 weeks (WW was closed on Easter Sunday, and we were excused from the weekly weigh-in as a result). Not so good, as I had been good in Denver, gotten back to my exercise classes this week, and been pretty good in the food arena. However, I'd better get stricter--go back to measuring a few things, and quit edging into the FlexPoints. Actually, as I'm getting close to the break point where the daily point allotment changes, I'm going to go ahead and try to use the lower point total from now on.

On the positive reinforcement side, I bought new jeans this week, in a size 12. It's been a looong time since I last fit into a size 12!
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In fact, he was almost ecstatic. When I saw him last October, prompted by vague chest pains (that turned out to be mostly acid reflux), my total cholesterol was 204, and the LDL/HDL breakdown was 137/37. In other words, the total level was marginal, the LDL ("bad cholesterol") was too high, and the HDL just barely made it into the good range.

This time, under the influence of drugs (Lipitor, though I've since switched to the cheaper Zocor), thirty pounds lighter, and eating a better diet, the total was 116, and the LDL/HDL was 61/42. The LDL seemed to be the cause of the most joy--though it may not hold that low with the drug change.

But today is for celebrating. I'll go back in 3 months to check it again.
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I've been doing well with the diet this week. Monday meals were mostly out (Subway for lunch, a Japanese rice bowl spot for dinner), then I hit another grocery store and found the 1-point bagels I'm familiar with, and decided I'd make my lunches for the rest of the week. Dinner last night was a second trip to the rice bowl spot, for shrimp this time.

But tonight was my treat night: several of us went to 240 Union, a lovely little restaurant on the edge of the Denver Federal Center (which is where I'm working this week, so it's close to our hotel as well). A meal at 240 Union generally costs my entire per diem, if not more--but it's worth it. Tonight I got a grilled pork chop with a pistachio crust, balanced on a scallion risotto, with a pinot noir plum sauce. I also ordered a side of asparagus, baby carrots, and thin green beans. It was all absolutely lovely. I polished off the pork chop, but managed to put the fork down while there was still a good bit of risotto on the plate. One of my companions ordered the vanilla bean creme brulee (creme brulee is a real weakness of mine) and let everyone share: I had one spoonful and quit. I do believe I've stayed within my base number of points for the day! (Pats self on head...)

It helps tremendously to tell everyone about your diet early and often during a week like this. No one urged me to eat more creme brulee once I said I was done. People have been good about not pushing food and keeping the pass-around snacks in the room to things like pretzels and carrots, not cookies and chocolate. And I hadn't seen any of these people since I began WW, so there are lots of comments on my looks. Good reinforcement.

WW, Week 19

Apr. 4th, 2004 01:54 pm
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Went for a quick weigh-in before finishing the packing for Denver (that is, I didn't stay for the meeting), and was down 5 pounds from last week. As I said to my meeting leader, that's really the accumulated weight from 2 weeks, as last week showed no change. But still, 2.5 pounds a week is ahead of the pace.

Which is good, because the week in Denver will be hard. I am staying at a Residence Inn, and thus have the continental breakfast that they provide (several "good" options there) and a fridge in my room. I'll try to go by a grocery store this evening and stock up on fruit, and see if I can come up with some low-point lunch options. (There's a fridge and a microwave available at the USGS training center where I'll be during the day.) Then I'll eat out for the evening meal, and try to practice my portion control lessons. Maybe halving the entree and bringing the rest back for lunch will work.
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No change at all in the weight. The week was challenging--I seem to have edged back up in appetite (it's continuing this week, too), so even though I try to go for good snacks, I'm just consuming more calories. This was topped off with the trip to the funeral, and dinner out when we returned at Shoney's (there aren't many choices in Moultrie, Ga., and the nice restaurant we tried first had a smoker at the bar who was close enough to bother the 2 asthmatic gymnasts). Feeling like I'd had a hard day, I consumed Fried Food.

I hope this week will be better, as the week following will include a 5-day business trip to Denver. Lots more challenges to a diet, there.
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Way behind on updating the WW tracking, too...

Week 14 saw me down 1.6 pounds, and then on week 15 (which was in the worst of the scramble to finish the work project) I was down a rather unbelievable 3.4 pounds, getting me to a total of 25.6 pounds down. You get a little refrigerator magnet for the 25 pound milestone--I almost refused it on the grounds that the weigh-in was an anomaly.

Perhaps I should have, because last week I bounced back up 2.6 pounds, reducing the net loss to 23. Back on track this week, though: I was down 2.2 pounds today, so I'm back to a more-than-25-pound loss.

I also set a goal weight last week, picking the top weight allowed for my height (something my meeting leader seemed to expect). I'd really like to get at least 5 pounds under that, but setting my official goal at the maximum allowable gives me a larger safety cushion where I can fluctuate without losing WW lifetime status. Lifetime member status reduces what you have to pay for attending meetings, I think.
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Lots of catching up to do in the journal...

I expected another week of not-so-good results, given the weekend at the con (even though I tried to stick with the diet, and did keep my food journal the whole time). I went in on Tuesday after work, 8 days from my last weigh-in...and I was down 1.8 pounds, for a total loss of 20.6. Evening out for the week before, I guess, and not much affected by any sins committed at the con.

This Tuesday meeting had yet another leader (the one I attended on Monday had been a different leader from my usual one). I was at first taken aback by her style, but by the end of the meeting had decided I like it better than leader for the Sunday meeting. Somewhat brusque, but she ran a very efficient meeting, kept things on topic, had what was obviously a regular (and useful) review of last week's topic, and seemed to know more of the people who were there than my regular leader manages. I may call and see when her meetings are, and switch to one if the times will work out.
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Didn't get around to posting this earlier: I went to a WW meeting on Monday, having done the JazzerThon through my usual meeting time on Sunday. Not so good results: UP 0.2 pounds, or within the range of error expected for clothing changes, etc. And I thought I'd had a good week in terms of what I ate, and then of course the extra 3 hours of exercise on Sunday.

However, I'd had a relatively big loss the week before (2.2 pounds), and these things even out. This coming week will be tough, as I have lots of work (and thus will probably not get to exercise as often) and I leave on Friday for ConDFW. The con will be filled with irregular eating opportunities and parties, so I'm just going to do the best I can. Next week will be the time to get back in the strict routine.

WW, week 11

Feb. 8th, 2004 02:36 pm
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Just back from the weekly weigh-in, and I was down 2.2 pounds for a total loss of 19 even. Which also means that I've passed their first big milestone--I'm down more than 10% from my starting weight. WW gives you a little keychain to commemorate this. I'm going to celebrate with another little closet clean-out. The pair of pants I'm wearing are history--with no elastic in the waist to help adjust sizes, they have spent the day slipping toward my hips. (No, not all the way, but enough to be annoying...)

But first I'm off the the Atlanta Symphony youth concert with my brother's family. It's Dr. Seuss-related, somehow.

WW, week 10

Feb. 3rd, 2004 10:08 pm
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Forgot to post on the Sunday weigh-in: down 1.4 pounds, for a total loss of 16.8. Which gives me a week back on the track where I'd like to keep this diet. Losing between 1-2 pounds a week is fast enough that I don't get too discouraged, and (hopefully) slow enough to be sustainable.

WW, week 9

Jan. 25th, 2004 08:11 pm
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Well...despite switching to the lighter-weight clothes, I was only down 0.8 pound, for a total loss of 15.4. If the clothing difference was the .5 I measured last week, that's a real loss of 0.3 pounds for the week.

OK, it was still a loss, and I'll take it. This may be a true plateau (though a lot earlier than I expected one), so I'm going to try and be more stringent this coming week and see if I can shake loose. Resolved: try to not use any FlexPoints, try to not use exercise points. The "official" recommendation would probably be to try the new WW Quick Start program, which gives you a rigid 20 points a day, and a choice of either a high-carb or a high-protein set of meals for 2 weeks. I'm saving that for another time.

The end of the week was tougher than it has been, with no triggering incident that I can come up with. I wanted to snack in the afternoon, and I had a few cravings for old bad habits. I gave in a couple of times (logging what I ate, and subsequently having to use more FlexPoints than my norm), which I sure contributed to the tiny loss. Hopefully these old cravings will go away again.

WW, week 8

Jan. 18th, 2004 03:08 pm
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Well, I didn't gain. That's good. But the loss was well within measurement error (defined by me as 'reasonable fluctuation based on clothing choices'): down 0.2 pounds, for a total of 14.6.

The person doing the weigh-in tried to convince me that my polyester top (which looks bulky but is not) weighed enough to matter. After I got back I tested this, and it's not the top but the jeans I have on--I think I've been wearing khaki pants most weeks. However, the difference in the 2 weeks' attire is about a half a pound, so that still would have been under a pound of total weight loss.

I really don't expect to lose 2 pounds every week, or even 1 pound every week, but I do think I need to take this as a sign to be more diligent with the food journal, the portion control, and the food choices. And keep up the exercise, but I've been pretty good with that.

WW, week 6

Jan. 12th, 2004 08:14 pm
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Missed my regular Sunday meeting because I was at GaFilk, so I bolted from my review session at work to go to a noon meeting today. From one sort of measurement to another, I guess. Results on the second: down 1.2 pounds, for a total of 14.4. Despite the weekend of fast food and other irregular eating at GaFilk.

Telling everyone around me that I am on Weight Watchers (or any diet) really does help me. While I don't really think that anyone I saw at GaFilk, mostly people I see once a year, would shake a finger at me if I was "bad", I still behave myself better for having announced that I'm dieting. May this sort of mental maneuver continue to work for me after the early dieting enthusiasm wears off...

WW, week 5

Jan. 5th, 2004 10:36 pm
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Yesterday's weigh-in was great: down 3.4 pounds for the week, 13.2 overall. The pain of the new, lower, points target must have been doing something. And, OK, I got to several Jazzercise classes during the week, and the "exercise tolerance test " (AKA stress test) must have burned some calories, even though it didn't last all that long. (I got stressed enough worrying about it, too, but the quick result tossed at me by the cardiologist as he wrapped up the test and started to leave was "perfectly normal". )

WW, week 4

Dec. 30th, 2003 09:23 pm
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(Got behind--backdating is a useful thing...)

Sunday's weigh-in showed me as down 1.4 pounds, for a total of 9.8. And I also hit one of the break points for weight ranges in the Points system. Result: instead of a daily target of 24 points, it's now 22. This has been surprisingly painful, or perhaps it's the new target combined with the fridge full of leftovers from Christmas week. I've got to watch it, as I've already noted a tendency to omit the fruit I've been eating (and I don't eat enough anyway) to save the points.

WW, week 3

Dec. 21st, 2003 10:52 pm
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Weigh in after a week that included a Hanukkah party, with latkes, and a dinner out before seeing Master and Commander. Result: down 2.8 pounds, total loss of 8.4. I'll attribute this to extra effort at getting to Jazzercise classes, and only having 2 latkes. <g>.

Christmas week will be tougher--2 more Hanukkah parties, Christmas (prime rib, squash casserole, and more), and at least one more dinner out, I imagine. Holding steady would be good.

WW, Week 2

Dec. 14th, 2003 10:20 am
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Week 3 at Weight Watchers: down 1.2 pounds, for a total of 5.6. This is a much more reasonable pace--averaging 1 to 2 is what I'd like to do. As I'm still getting the basics of the diet down, I expect the loss will be erratic for a while yet. And that's not considering the upcoming week of Hanukkah and Christmas eating.


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