Jun. 11th, 2016

New grill

Jun. 11th, 2016 03:31 pm
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It seems I acquired a larger-than-intended gas grill to replace my 20-ish year old Weber Genesis 1000--the product line now called the Spirit series. I went to Lowes (free assembly and delivery....) early this week and made the purchase of a Spirit E-310, to be delivered Friday. Friday morning came a couple of calls to my voicemail saying my grill was damaged but they would get another one and deliver Saturday.

The truck arrived around 2, the delivery crew quickly carried it to the patio, and left. Bad consumer--I took a superficial look while they were here, but really only to make sure it was for natural gas and not LP. I started removing the packing tape and protective films, then decided to make sure the new cover I'd bought would fit....but it was too small.

I first got mad at Amazon, then checked again (really to make sure the larger size in the same brand would fit). Measured the grill. Measured the grates (easier than getting a tape on the overall length). Walked next door and measured Brian & Robbie's Spirit E-310. Concluded I have a Genesis E-310 on my patio, not a Spirit. You'd think the "Genesis" on the front would be a clue, but Weber has been playing around with the Genesis brand name for a while and I'd discounted that.

The upshot is that Lowe's offered to let me keep it at the price of the smaller one ($519 vs $719). I don't care about the color (dark brown, not the black I'd ordered), and while I don't often need a larger grill, I don't see too much downside in it. And I don't want to have to deal with a pickup, then another delivery.


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