Aug. 18th, 2008

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I started Sunday with an 'early' breakfast at an Einstein Bagels on the 16th Street mall--I'd wanted to try the Corner Bakery that several people had been enjoying, but it didn't open until 8 on Sunday and I was there around 7:40. (I note that there are 3 Corner Bakery locations here in Atlanta, in case I want to explore more. I suspect they are too similar to Panera and Atlanta Bread Co. to drive the extra distance for...)

Elevator woes )

In the beginning panel, and book signing with piffling )

Last panel, closing ceremonies, and an early dinner )

More socializing and leaving Denver )

What didn't I do at WorldCon, besides not getting to meet really *any* SFF.Net contacts, and a pretty large block of Bujold listees (but I did meet a number of them), and several Friends of Liad? I forgot to bring along some books for autographing, which would have given me a non-threatening means of meeting a few more authors I admire. I didn't manage any kaffeeklatches--the ones I was interested in were high-demand, and the rumor was that you needed to get in line at 7:30 or so before the sign-up started at 9 every morning. I wasn't willing to devote that block of time to it, and/or had breakfast plans that eliminated the possibility. I'd have liked to have caught more filk, especially the Bujold-themed session, but several of the other themed sessions sounded good, too. And there were many more panels I'd have loved to have heard, some of which didn't sound interesting on paper, but post-panel descriptions or other exposure to the participants now tells me I would have enjoyed them. Live and learn--all part of becoming more of the con-going community, I think. If I do another big con, I'll know a little more than I did for this one.


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