Aug. 17th, 2008

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PhotobucketFriday started off with a quick breakfast of Egg McMuffin from Mickie D's (I needed fast and portable thanks to a late start), then I joined the 9 AM stroll that met at the Big Blue Bear in front of the conference center. Struck up a nice conversation with a woman who has relatives in LaGrange, and we chatted about a number of things as the group sauntered about a mile or so.
Panels on horses and republishing classics )
Lois's GOH speech )
More panels and the masquerade...with dinosaurs! )

When that was over, [ profile] growlycub and I set off to find the Baen party I thought I'd been told was Friday night. Found the Sheraton, endured the wait for an elevator to the (key-card controlled) 22nd floor, and discovered the Baen party was apparently Saturday night. Wandered through a few bid parties and one publisher party grabbing a few nibbles and looking at decor, then headed in for the night. Con parties, at least the ones held in hotels rooms (most of 'em, as far as I can tell), are not for the introverted, crowd-averse person who doesn't know any of those people anyway.
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I started Saturday at 8 with the Friends of Liad breakfast, catered by the Colorado Conference Center with a made-to-order omelet line and miscellaneous pastries. Had a nice time chatting with [ profile] growlycub, Preeti, and several Liad list people: Elaine ([ profile] ellayn), Angie, and Shawna. Chatted with [ profile] kinzel in the food line and again when he shifted over to our table after a while, on topics of books and cats and living expenses and Maine and on. Looking back at pre-convention email, I'm ashamed to note how many FoL people I *didn't* meet at the breakfast, given what a small crowd it was. I think [ profile] growlycub, Preeti, and I spent too much time chatting with each other so I didn't mingle and meet other people. My bad.

First panel and the reading from the new Miles book )

Lunch, afternoon panels, and the Hugos )
[ profile] growlycub and I dropped stuff at the hotel again, made some arrangements about room charges for Sunday night when her current 3 roommates were checking out and I would be moving to her room for my last night to help with the cost. Then we trekked to the Sheraton again and cruised the party floor. Found the semi-private Baen party (because we spotted Lois Bujold in a group headed purposefully down the hall, and followed), admired the cover flats that were displayed, and nibbled on the food, but both of us felt out-of-place there. Spent the most time in the Seattle bid party room because we managed to snag sitting space. If there was a Baen barfly gathering, we never found it. It didn't appear to be happening in the Baen party that we did find--that was clearly primarily for author and agent types.


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