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It's Thursday, after we got 4-1/2 inches of snow (measuring the pile on top of my grill) and sleet Sunday night/Monday morning. Those of you from areas that routinely get a couple of feet of wintry stuff can go ahead and sneer, but Atlanta just can't cope with this level of snow. I'm sure there's some incompetence involved, but most if it, I think, is the lack of equipment, and it's just not worth buying plows and stocking salt for a storm that comes along every 5-10 years. (The paper did have an article about GaDOT's sanding efforts that mentioned that all the crews would stop sanding during shift changes, during which time the snow accumulation would get ahead of them never to be beaten back. Comments from those who knew better were "you just don't *do* that! Rotate the shift change and keep the trucks on the road.") So anyway, the major roads are mostly clear, but some side streets are still sheets of ice. Tomorrow should see highs in the 40's, and that should finally end the travel problems.

Schools have been shut all week. Mail got delivered yesterday and today, though I happened to walk out as my mail carrier was approaching and waited by a un-iced spot for him. His truck was in a mostly controlled skid as he came down the hill--he had not been having a very fun day. The newspaper delivered Monday-Wednesday papers on Wednesday, but hasn't gotten today's issue to me yet. My office was closed until today and then opened late, but I elected to work from home anyway. Word is that grocery stores are finally starting to get truck deliveries through--I made it to the Northlake Publix yesterday, looked for chicken pieces to cook for dinner, and they had one package of legs and 2 roasters. Period.

Things should be all better by the weekend...
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It started snowing here about 8 PM, I think, as younger niece and I left her house for mine. I agreed to let her drive me around the neighborhood a bit--her learner's permit is a week or so old and she wants to drive! We took a couple of turns around the subdivision streets as the snow switched to sleet, then back, and back again.

Winter storm road statusAbout 10 I looked out and the snow was steady, with more than an inch already piled up on my patio furniture. The prediction is for snow for a good bit of the night, then freezing rain and sleet. Atlanta will not be moving tomorrow: looks like it's not moving tonight. This is a shot of the Georgia Navigator road status at 11:30 PM--red triangles were mostly "all lanes blocked" (that'd be 4-6+ lanes) of interstate, plus closed roads because of ice. I, at least, know better than to take my Southern driving skills out into this stuff....

Just checked, and there's maybe 3 inches of snow out there, and for the moment it's not coming down. There's a lot more predicted for tonight and tomorrow, though. If the power stays on, I think it will be a good day to make bread and soup, and work from home.
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Lots of storms in Atlanta this morning, with flash-flood warnings out (though not as bad as far). I started this post at the airport waiting on my delayed flight to Columbus, OH, which was held up on its inbound leg. We finally took off, and arrived at 1:30 or so, not quite 2 hours late.

When I got to the local USGS office, though, I found I had it easy. This trip is for three of us working on a project to get together and look at the analysis to date. K., obviously, is based in Columbus. S. is based in Memphis, and was driving with her husband....via Nashville. They left Sunday morning expecting to get to Ohio that afternoon. Apparently they've spent a lot of time sitting in traffic going nowhere. When K. and I left for the day at 5, S. was still on the road but was clear of the flooding problem area.

Hopefully person 3 has arrived now, and we'll be able to work together tomorrow and Wednesday.
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Atlanta, the city in the trees. My favorite slogan for my town, but it has its drawbacks.

Last week in Denver, with nothing apparently blooming, the pollen count was "high". Anything pollen count over 120 is considered extremely high. Today in Atlanta, the count was 2,967. There's a yellow haze over the parking lot at work...and the pine pollen hasn't even started yet. Grass is about due, and that's my allergy. Of course, with counts in the thousands almost anyone can react to it.


Feb. 13th, 2010 10:52 am
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Sun's out, snow is least in places. The temperature is not quite above freezing, but should be there soon, and hopefully that will let most of the roads clear for travel by late afternoon, and before things re-freeze overnight. This is the good (and typical) pattern of an Atlanta day of panic, screwed up traffic with all of us "can't drive in snow" drivers, pretty scenery, and then it mostly goes away the next day.

At the moment, there's *more* snow in my driveway and yard than at the end of the precipitation. The high pine trees that fill my yard all had heavy snow cover, and as things warm that snow is coming down in flakes, plops, globs, and hunks. Thumps on the roof signal the hunk-level, and the flake-drift has covered up the squirrel food I put out in a flat feeder.

Beef-vegetable soup is simmering, and should be ready for lunch. I didn't think of baking bread early enough (unless I do soda bread), but there's left-over whole-wheat challah from last night.


Feb. 12th, 2010 05:23 pm
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And the current set of winter storms finally affects Atlanta. It started snowing as we (me, sister-in-law, younger niece, nephew, and friend of nephew) headed into the movie theater to see The Lightning Thief, and by the time we got out the grass was covered. Looks like there may me about an inch and a half piled up on my bird feeder now, and the prediction is for it to keep snowing for another 6 or 7 hours. Total accumulation expected is 2-4 inches, so nothing like what hit Washington, DC or even Dallas, but plenty to mess up travel in Atlanta.

However, I'm in for the day, and have the challah rising as my contribution towards dinner (I think sister-in-law will be seeing if Golden Buddha will deliver the rest of it), and I got the critical cat-food run made today. Hopefully tomorrow will be enough to let the roads clear, and I'll be able to drive to the Jazzerthon on Sunday to cheer on my team from the side of the room. I have discovered that the air cast does require a little more care in walking on slush than normal footware, so I don't think I'll venture out until a good bit of melting has taken place.
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It's the weekend for GaFilk, my local filk con, and the only con I regularly go to. I missed last year as I was helping cope with my father's health problems, so it's good to be back. The crowd seems a little smaller than usual--guess that's somewhat a reflection of hard economic times, and perhaps some of weather.

Cut for those not interested in cons, filk, etc... )

After the concert, [ profile] mbernardi pumpkined. I wandered into the con suite for a while, came back to the main filk room to see that the open filking, as usual, was slow to form--lots of general socializing happens first, especially on the first night. I decided to retire to my room and perhaps come down later...but ended up getting absorbed on the Internet (curse you, [ profile] mbernardi , I grabbed 4 new apps for my iPod!) and stayed up too late without even the excuse of listening to filk.
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I made it back to Atlanta without great difficulty Saturday, though traffic made the normally 3-1/2 hour trip into 4+. Trip entertainment was largely the Georgia-Georgia Tech football game, which Tech won! First time in 7 years or's been a long drought.

Sunday was a no-effort day, as I let the head cold take over. Spent a lot of the day napping or reading in bed. Cold is no better today, though, ungrateful thing. I left work early due to non-productivity, and took another nap.

Had to bestir myself to get Agatha to a 6 PM vet appointment, for another followup on the CRF. I underestimated the drive time in rush-hour traffic, but we had to wait anyway--lots of people picking up boarders after the holiday weekend, plus ailments, so there wasn't a treatment room for us for a few minutes.

Once we got in, Dr. Dunn mostly focused on Agatha's eyes, checking the pressure again and looking at the retinas and blood vessels. Things look stable, but not great--the retinas still look OK (not like that very first visit, when they apparently flapped like a flag in the wind), but it still looks like the blood pressure is up. Dr. Dunn suggested going to twice a day on one of the medications, but to wait until I'm back from my Disney World trip so I can observe the effects and stop it if she gets lethargic or otherwise acts oddly. Dr. Dunn also had me put Agatha down on the floor so she could try to see how much vision Agatha has. Same conclusion as we had reached earlier: probably seeing light and shadow, but not much else. We'll go back for another check in 3 months unless something comes up, and I can send updates via email. Oh, and I have a topical cortisone spray to try on the part of Aggie's back where she's pulling out the hair, in either a stress or allergic reaction. We've treated this before with a cortisone shot, but those are not good with the progression of the CRF. And so we go on.
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We've had 2-3 days so far of effects from Tropical Storm Fay--windy, cloudy, and occasionally very light rain. But given our continuing drought, I could (cautiously) wish that we'd had a little more--if only Fay had tracked to sweep more rain bands across Atlanta, and the watershed north of Atlanta.

And while I don't really want severe flooding, the thought of a storm perching over the upper Chattahoochee River basin and dumping 20 inches of rain has some real attractions...


Aug. 4th, 2007 06:09 pm
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It's hot. And humid. Gosh, San Diego was lovely...

I filled the bird feeders this morning, both seed and suet. I can see the suet cake in the backyard feeder from the window by the computer--the feeder is a cage-style that's much larger than the suet cakes I buy. The suet cake is slumped into a curved shape at the bottom, as it's too hot out there for it to hold its shape.

Current temperature is 93°F at 6 PM.


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