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Tonight was the quarterly-or-whenever-we-can-schedule-it Girls' Night Out: me, sister-in-law, and two other friends. The plan was for J- to come next door to SIL's, I'd join them, and we'd go pick up N- and go to Leon's Full Service in downtown Decatur.

Started out OK, but when we go to N-'s street there was a police car and a sign: "No Through Traffic". We weren't going through, but in the debate of could we turn in at all we ended up going around to the other end of the street.....which was also barricaded. There we ran into N- who led us back around to the other end (you really weren't allowed to drive through) so we could all get in one car for the trip to Leon's.

Turns out the barricades are for a film crew shooting a Disney production called "The Odd Life of Timothy Green". The inside story from N- is that the house being used as a set today was supposed to be a vacation house or something, and it's supposed to be spring. Or maybe summer. Certainly not February. So, they have glued leaves on the lower branches of all the bare deciduous trees visible in their shots, and have laid down nice green turf on the lawn. Sure hope they finished filming, 'cause we may get an inch of snow tonight.

Leon's was great, Girl's Night Out was relaxing, and we all agreed we need to do it more often. It only took several weeks of emailing back and forth to get this one set up....
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1. Got back from Disney Sunday evening (more write-ups to come, whenever I finish all the drafts I've got stored), and took Monday off for the home catchup on laundry, errands, etc. Went back to the office Tuesday.

2. I'm not caught up at the office (that's perpetual, only aggravated by the vacation), on my iGoogle feeds, on email (piffle and Bujold being the worst), on SFF.Net, you name it. This will not improve until after Thanksgiving, probably. Facebook has not yet become a regular haunt, so I never think of 'staying current' over there.

3. Fred and Fish feel that the staff (that's me) should not spend 9 nights away from the job, and are still demanding recompense. Fred has been training the substitute (sister-in-law) but live-in staff attendance is really required.

4. Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!!!! We're gathering in Atlanta, having decided not to have one last occasion in Moultrie. Older brother and spouse, and his older son are coming, and will stay with me. Sometime. (Probably Tuesday.) Cooking and cleaning are underway.

5. Sears and the freezer. There is progress, and the account probably deserves its own post. Short version: freezer is working, though the tech suggests not putting anything I care about in it for 2 weeks lest it fail again.
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(As seen on the Bujold list...)

I have no desire to get a tattoo, but if I did, the Science Tattoo Emporium is where I'd go for inspiration.

Busy Friday

Nov. 7th, 2008 11:38 pm
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Morning: Started on bills after breakfast: didn't finish. Did a 30 minute Jazzercise DVD then showered. Dealt with some of the morning email. Set off to Weight Watchers to weigh in, as I was too late to make the 11:00 meeing and was meeting [ profile] drunixbrat at my usual WW time of 12:30.

Afternoon: Drove up to the Forum area and met [ profile] drunixbrat at a new Flying Biscuit location, where we had a more-leisurely-than-desired lunch (she had to get back to work) and I handed off the ARC of Horizon for her weekend reading. Headed south, swung by a bank ATM for a deposit and withdrawal, stopped at the Chamblee library branch to return 2 books and collect one on hold for me. Headed home to put away the leftovers from lunch and sit down for 15 minutes or so.

At 3, sister-in-law picked me up and we headed across town to younger niece's first diving meet, an invitational held at her school. More on the diving meet )
After the dive meet, we headed back across town in Friday evening rush hour traffic, with rain. (Wow, water falling from the sky! Still a rare occurrence--north Georgia is still deep in drought.) We met my brother and my nephew at Frank Ma South, a new venture of a veteran Chinese restauranteur. Very good food, though not good service, and the restaurant set up is odd. (There's apparently another Chinese restaurant delivery operation, with a different menu, at the same storefront.) I'll go back, but the negatives might outweigh the positives for the folks next door.

Got gas

Sep. 14th, 2008 09:52 am
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First attempt was the big QT on Lawrenceville Hwy outside 285--no gas there. Decided to swing up through the Northlake cluster: Texaco, no gas. Chevron, no gas. Shell....not sure, didn't see bags over the pumps, but neither did I see anyone at the pumps. But aha! The BP that was out yesterday got a delivery. Have filled the tank at $3.79. Unless I do some unusual driving, I'm good for 10 days or so.
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Dear me, it was April 21 when I last posted. Life got busy, the work content filter made it impossible to read or post at lunch, life got busier, and well, LJ was one of the things that got punted. However, WorldCon has brought back some time and content, so maybe this will get me blogging again.

Next up: find some way to start tracking my flist again....


Jul. 7th, 2007 08:14 pm
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Odd what you navigate by...

The True Value Hardware store locator shows me an overview map of the first 5 (of 7) stores located within 20 miles of my house. BUT...the map doesn't have I-285, Atlanta's perimeter highway, on it, and it is disconcertingly difficult to figure out where the stores are without it.

If I zoom in a couple of clicks it appears, but if I ask for driving directions, the overview map doesn't show I-285 even though it routes me on it. The I-675 spur is unconnected on that end. Driving the phantom highway!
No I-285

(OK, the prosaic explanation is that their roads database has I-285 tagged as a lower-level road. Bad GIS, no cookie!)
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I wandered into a store called The Pet Set this afternoon, in search of some super-duper catnip toys I'd read about. (Found 'em, and Fish found the bag about 10 minutes after I brought it into the house. He'd like his Christmas present early, thank you.) I headed straight for the cat toy area, not paying any attention to the other shoppers. And it seems I missed Janet Jackson--not that I would have recognized her if I had seen her, unplugged from pop culture as I am. Later I overheard the store clerk and another shopper as they were surveying what was left of the store's Christmas cookies for dogs, and the clerk said JJ bought 9 pounds of them.

I will leave any obvious comments about JJ's dogs and/or friends to someone who cares enough to make them...


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