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Feb. 8th, 2010 12:22 pm
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I've been having persistent tendonitis in my right leg and ankle for about 4 months, aggravated by my Jazzercise and really all activities--a long standing session in the kitchen will kick it off. So today I saw a podiatrist, and left her office in an air cast.

Four weeks. Take it off only to drive, bathe, and sleep. Oh, joy.

This rather kills my Jazzerthon participation, though I'll of course keep on fund-raising. Maybe I'll go and cheer from the sidelines, depending on how hard I'm finding it to get around...
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For the last few years I've participated in Jazzerthon for the Cure, a fund-raising effort for Komen for the Cure and the fight against breast cancer. This year's event is Valentine's Day (a week from Sunday), so I'm in the final stretch of looking for sponsors, and other fund-raising efforts. To that end, let me make a pitch here.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation supports breast-cancer research directly, and also gives community grants for things like screenings, support groups, education efforts, and other needs. It's a great organization that makes good use of the money they raise.

If anyone is interested in supporting me in the Jazzerthon and donating to an excellent (and tax deductible) cause, the Komen folks have arranged for us to accept online donations through their "Race for the Cure" site. Here's my donations page.
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And the event has occurred: the 6th JazzerThon for the Cure was this afternoon. The whole shebang raised over $212,000 for Komen for the Cure, mostly used for breast cancer screening programs, education, and research. My group (people from 2 Jazzercise centers) raised a little over $3,000, and I had just under $1,000 of that. Thanks to those who contributed!

the details... )
Then there were the usual closing announcements from Jazzercise and the Komen folks, the award to the top fund-raiser, and we were done. I picked up a steak dinner from Outback on the way home, and will shortly be soaking in a hot bath with a Lush bath bomb. And very glad that tomorrow is a holiday!
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Tomorrow's the three-hour JazzerThon event, raising money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. We had a mini-practice session again this morning after regular class for one person who really wanted another run-through. But it was only the instructor, her, and me...we'll have 10 people total doing this routine at the JazzerThon. We may try to find a corner and practice right before the event tomorrow...or not. Luckily it's a pretty simple routine.

I'm already equipped with aching muscles, as I went from class to collect a car-load of wood chips that were offered on freecycle. (I covered the back end of the CR/V with a tarp, and shoveled until more would have overflowed chips into the car.) Then it was home to spread them over the pathway from my front walk to the side of the house where the crawlspace access is, renewing the old chips that were there. For good measure, I grabbed an old coil of plastic lawn edging (bought for some other project and never used) and installed it on the downslope side of the path to try to keep the chips from migrating. That was a good 2-1/2 hours of shoveling and hauling, and my shoulders are letting me know about it. Must take an Advil before bed...
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OK, it's more that I have violated policy. It seems that while USGS employees are encouraged to raise money for charitable causes, it is not permitted to do this on government premises or during work hours. Exceptions are made for the Combined Federal Campaign, for Katrina relief, and for some third item that escapes me at the moment.

Which means that the letter I posted on the bulletin board of the break room asking if anyone wanted to donate to Komen for the Cure in support of my participating in next Sunday's JazzerThon...was Not Permitted. Neither was the poster placed by a co-worker similarly raising funds for a breast cancer walk-a-thon next summer, and of course the emails I sent to the 6 co-workers who contributed last year (when I posted a similar letter in the same location) should not have been sent.

I suspect that a third co-worker who had been trying to raise money for a charity bike ride event, and who used rather more...broadcast tactics (he sent 'all hands' emails to the local office once, and distribute letters to everyone's desks another time) asked for clarification on the policy after I sent my emails last week, and thus the exact official policy has been determined. My letter and the other co-worker's poster have been removed, and we know not to do it again.

This may be the last year I do the JazzerThon anyway. Support for it is really low at my particular center now, my joints creak a little more each year, and I really don't like fund-raising, so the fun of participating is diminishing. I still think it's a great cause, but I may just stick to personal donations in the future. I've not done much for fund-raising this year beyond hitting up family, the above mentioned work stuff, and asking fellow Jazzercisers. I'll just enjoy the actual event on Sunday (3 hours of aerobics, for those who don't recall my write-ups of some earlier ones), and think hard about it next year before signing up again.
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Should have mentioned this earlier, but...better late than never.

Sunday I'm participating in my third Jazzerthon, a fund-raising event for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. About 500 of us will dance and exercise for 3 hours in the ballroom of the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead, after having collected donations from those who are willing to support our efforts. I don't think anyone needs the pitch on the worthiness of fighting breast cancer, so let me just say that the Komen Foundation supports breast-cancer research directly, and also gives community grants for things like screenings, support groups, education efforts, and other local needs. It's a great organization that makes good use of the money they raise.

Unfortunately the Jazzerthon is not an event well set up for Internet fund-raising (or I'd have been much more....vocal, so to speak, on LJ and other places where I'm involved in a community). However, if anyone is interested in supporting me in this and donating to an excellent cause, I can take PayPal through Friday (the 16th) to my LJ account name at alum dot emory dot edu.

Last week

Feb. 13th, 2005 08:47 pm
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Perhaps the state of last week can be said by this: yesterday, after running errands in the afternoon, I crossed off the next-to-last item of the To-Do list...from the previous weekend.

I did get to Jazzercise 3 evenings, but wanted 4 in prep for the Jazzercise for the Cure event next weekend. (My planned Saturday session was punted to attend my nephew's basketball game while his parents and older sister were interviewing at a private school. Five-year-olds playing basketball is....interesting. Made even more so by the wildly varying skill levels....)

Got a couple of big tasks finished at work, but there's still a really big one overdue--will really have to crunch on it tomorrow and the next day. My home desk is a little clearer than it was Friday, but I still haven't made a start on the taxes. I did finally get caught up on the Bujold list and on piffle (thank in major part to the significant drop in list traffic on Bujold, finally), and I give up getting caught up reading LJ. Will just start reading my fl from now, and try to at least post more often.

Must pay a couple of bills and do some bookkeeping in Quicken yet tonight...
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I'm repeating last year's effort to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation by participating in an event organized by Jazzercise--I've been getting most of my exercise by attending Jazzercise classes for four years or so, now. The event is called the "Art and Soul Tour" (last year was billed as a "JazzerThon"), and will be a three-hour exercise session on Sunday, February 20th. To attend you have to raise a minimum of $150 for the Komen Foundation, and the more the better, of course. You can read my description of last year's event to get a better idea of what goes on.

The Komen Foundation supports medical research, community outreach, and screening programs to fight breast cancer. They've been around for 20 years--the start was a woman raising money in memory of her sister (Susan Komen, natch) who died of breast cancer.

So, if anyone would like to make a contribution to a good cause and help support my participation at the same time, I'd really appreciate it. I'm on PayPal as nlbarber AT alum DOT emory DOT edu (put Komen Foundation in the memo if you would), or you can mail me a check (send me an email for the address) made out to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Contributions are (U.S.) tax-deductible. I have to turn in everything by Thursday, February 17.


Feb. 16th, 2004 11:31 pm
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The JazzerThon yesterday was a smashing success, and a lot of fun, to boot. I raised $650, plus another $100 was added by my center from the donations made by members who were not going to the Jazzerthon themselves--$750 being the amount at which another incentive item kicked in. My center (with 13 people signed up) raised $6,425, and the entire event (registration was capped at 500) raised $170,000. I was a distant second among my center's group to Sherry, who raised over $2,400.

The event was organized into 3 sessions, with 15 minute breaks between them. The first session consisted of various of the Atlanta-area Jazzercise centers each leading one song and dressed in some sort of costume suggested by their song. Larger centers, some with upwards of 40 or 50 participants, had sprung for professionally printed T-shirts for the event and used those as the basis of their costumes. The session was rapid-fire--one song would end, and the next one cued up in seconds--but the scramble to get groups on and off the stage seemed to go smoothly.

My center had the second song, so we were allowed into the room early and could assemble beside the stage (where the group with the warm-up song were in place when the doors opened). We did a song called "Fighter", and our costumes were limited to pink T-shirts (as ribbons for breast cancer concerns are pink, that was the color of the day) with iron-ons on the back saying "Knock out breast cancer". Oh, and pink wrapping around our hands to look like a boxer's wraps. We did do a mini-skit, with one of the instructors representing Jazzercise and another Breast Cancer, and the instructor who cued the song (telling everyone what steps to do) added in bits about the fight against breast cancer and what Jazzercise has tried to do to help. Unfortunately, I think most of this couldn't be heard over the music and general noise levels.

The middle session was a body-sculpting session--a series of exercises to tone up various muscle groups. Then there was one more break, and the final session was led by Judi Sheppard Missett, the woman who came up with the Jazzercise concept. At almost 60, she could dance most of us into the ground. I'm sorry that I was far enough back in the crowd that I couldn't see her feet, both because I'd have liked to observe her technique, and because it would have been much easier to follow the steps. <g> She ended with a cool-down and stretch song, and at one point told us to pull our knee up to our chest and stretch--and she straightened her leg out with her knee pressed to her face. We all rolled with laughter.

It was a wonderful but exhausting day. The room was very crowded, so if you moved the wrong way or stretched a little too far you would always hit someone. And during the first session it was very hot, though later the hotel managed to get the room cooler. At the end of the day I was wiped--feet sore, muscles aching, but still with a real feeling of accomplishment.


Feb. 14th, 2004 08:14 pm
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On the iMac, a group of pifflers are chatting in AIM, in a window on top of the game of Snood that got interrupted when I got the chat invitation. Very multi-national--an Australian member was there for a while before leaving for Sunday brunch, a Brit appeared after getting home from the pub, and the U.S. and Canadians are variously coming and going to and from dinner. Discussion, as usual, is on food, with the added bits on diets, as several of us are on one.

Over on the laptop, I've got my livejournal client up (obviously), and just figured out how to upload a picture. It's the current cats: Fish and Agatha. This is on top of the Quicken accounts that I was reconciling this afternoon and need to finish, and the backlog of email. I did get caught up on Lois-Bujold, though. Not much happening on the newsgroups tonight--maybe Valentine's Day is slowing the traffic.

Tomorrow is the three-hour JazzerThon to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. I'm car-pooling with some other from my center, and that means leaving at 11:30 for an event that doesn't start until 2. (Well, the doors open at 1, but the Jazzercising doesn't start until 2.) Must plan what to do about eating, so as not to wreck the diet and yet stay fueled for the afternoon.
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...and I hate it. And I'm not good at it, which is related, I'm sure.

So why did I decide to participate in a JazzerThon (3 hour session of aerobics) to raise money for breast cancer research? Let's just say it seemed like a good idea at the time. Or maybe that I got caught up in the enthusiasm in my Jazzercise class. Or something. Anyway, I'm now committed to the JazzerThon on February 15 (not a problem) and to trying to solicit contributions to sponsor my doing that.

I'm not the face-to-face solicitation type, so my plan (other than hitting up my father and sister-in-law, and contributing myself, of course) is to put up a note at work, and send out a note to the neighborhood e-mail list. I'm debating a short note to the piffle and Bujold lists, where I feel I have established something of a presence. I'm on lots of other lists, but post so seldom that no one would know who this person begging for money was. The "return" on these kinds of solicitations is bound to be much lower than hitting up one's friends in person, but them's the breaks. This is what I'm comfortable with.

This journal entry might as well have the plea in it, too, so here goes: The JazzerThon is to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The foundation has been around for more than 20 years, and they support medical research, community outreach, screening programs, and a host of similar efforts to fight breast cancer. They're Good People, and it's a cause I believe in. If anyone would like to make a contribution to support my JazzerThon participation, I'd be very grateful. I will need checks in hand by February 12th--send me an email (to the address in my profile) for logistical details. All contributions are (U.S.) tax deductible.


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