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My first-generation iPad, that is. It slipped out of my hands and landed face-down on the tile floor--the glass is in pieces. It does still turn on, so I did a sync: data should be preserved.

Now I have to make a decision--I was planning to replace it once Apple made the expected announcement about a fifth generation iPad this fall, maybe with the current one, or if the new one sounds like a big improvement I'd go with that. I am not, however, willing to be without an iPad.

So: replace with a 4th gen equivalent to the dead one (64 GB, WiFi+ATT cellular), and try to resell it if I want an iPad 5?
Dump a bunch of stuff off it for now and get a 16 GB iPad 2, under the assumption I'll get that iPad 5 when it comes out?
Look at a iPad mini as a bridge purchase?

And I have to decide fast--I've got a trip starting Wednesday, and I want my iPad back for travel!

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May. 16th, 2010 10:55 pm
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First repair, of sorts: after returning from Ohio, my 3G connection didn't work. I first attributed this to poor AT&T connections, but I was consistently showing 4 or 5 bars of signal...but no 3G. I checked the Apple support boards and found a handful of similar reports--people activated an account in one city, and then couldn't connect somewhere else.

repair tale... )

The repair jaunt was Thursday, during what ended up being a very extended lunch hour. On my off-day Friday I did my usual Weight Watchers meeting at 12:30, then decided to eat lunch at Lucky Key chinese in the same strip mall to avoid the taking off and putting back on of the boot. I settled into a booth, placed my order, and pulled out the iPad to read a book. My waiter paused after delivering soup-and-eggroll and asked "Computer?" I said yes, sort of, it was an iPad. Next thing I knew there was a cluster of 4 waiters and waitresses saying "Internet?" "Read books? In Chinese?" (I didn't know the answer to that one.) The conversation then lapsed into Chinese as they stood and discussed it. Later in the meal, one more waitress paused and peered across the table to see it, but didn't make a comment. The English skills at Lucky Key are mixed.

And last iPad tidbit: I listened to a library audiobook today. Overdrive audiobooks and Briggs' Silver Borne )
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Order of setup is driven by the age of my old system, not by desire. iPad reports it can't be used with Tiger (OSX 10.4.x), so will set up the iMac, then hook the iPad to it. I've decided to move the account on the work laptop and the personal external drive I use with it as it's been used more than the G4 iMac which tends to drop off the Internet when it gets warm.

Once that's set up, it will be iPad time.
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10:37: front door, FedEx overnight truck, with iPad.

Am still unwrapping the usual beautiful Apple packaging, plus trying to decipher the use of the itsy bitsy metal loop-with-spike (pops out the chip), when

10:45: garage door, FedEx general delivery truck, with iMac.

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iMac: has arrived at the FedEx sorting center in Atlanta after its cross-country drive from California. Delivery is on for tomorrow.
iPad: order status shows "Prepared for shipment". According to the rumors, that means it will also be delivered tomorrow. Sometime tonight (they say) the status will go to shipped, with overnight delivery. [fingers crossed]
[added at 9:15 pm] I have a shipping notice! "Estimated delivery Apr 30, 2010 by 3:00 PM"
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The new toys have been ordered. The iPad, the work laptop, and a 27" iMac are all in process, along with a few related toys. Pent-up demand, me? The last serious electronic toy was the iPod Touch, now about a year and a half old. My iMac G4 (the lamp model) dates from 2002, an eternity in computer years. The work PowerBook G4 is newer--made in 2005, might have been purchased in 2006.

Now, the waiting. The work laptop, as previously reported, was ordered, returned, and a newer model ordered. I have no tracking info on this process, all handled by our computer section. Probably just as well, lest my head explode.

I ordered the new iMac last Thursday with extra memory, which delays the shipping. It left California Monday and should be delivered Friday. The all-in-one printer and an Airport Extreme were delivered yesterday, but I've left them boxed up while trying to clear part of my desk and plan the re-arrangement of cords. Oh, and I got a *real* UPS locally, long a deficiency of my home setup.

The iPad was ordered after Tax Day stress, but is the model promised to ship at "the end of April". MacRumors reports that orders placed before April 18 will be delivered Friday, so I should get mine then. I'd like to get it set up and take it on my trip to Columbus, OH the first part of next week.

As you might guess, I'm not leaving the house Friday until FedEx gets here!
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1. My iPad fever has been growing with the constant reviews, comments, and links I get in a newsfeed from TUAW. I knew I was going to get one, and realistically I wasn't going to wait for a second generation of hardware...though I am holding out for 3G.

Came in from the tax-mailing excursion, opened the mail, and found the Apple gift cards from the broker's promotion. That did it. My 64 GB iPad 3G is ordered, so I should get one in the first round of 3Gs at the end of the month.

2. My work laptop (a PowerBook G4, not with an Intel chip) was due for replacement, and I kept delaying in hopes Apple would announce a refresh of the MacBook Pro line. Finally gave up in the face of severely tightening budgets at work, and ordered one lest I get nothing. It arrived Monday, and Tuesday Apple announced the MBP updates. But the laptop was still in its shipping box in the computer section chief's office, so I got her to check if it could be returned. Yep! We pay the shipping, but I'll get one of the new models...cheaper than the other model even considering the return shipping.

3. Next up will be an iMac to replace my old home desktop--a "lamp" iMac. Must finalize what I want and all the peripherals: a new Airport Extreme, a network printer, maybe a network drive to share the music and photos between devices. It's the peripherals that need the research...I'm mostly set on the iMac itself.


Apr. 8th, 2010 11:28 pm
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Good timing, for once.

My discount broker, TD Ameritrade, has periodic offers for people who add new assets either to their existing account or to a new one. Most of these promotions are not all that attractive to me, and I'm not often going to be moving money or stock around, anyway. Then came an email in February: move in assets, and get Apple or iTunes gift cards (three different levels, depending on the size of your deposit) or an iMac or Mac Book Pro if you move even more. *Apple fangirl squee* And the other bit of timing? We're moving money around as we work on settling my father's estate.

So: younger brother and I each qualified for the maximum amount of gift cards (I'm thinking iPad for mine), and the estate account got a free computer.

The Apple promotion ended March 31, and Tuesday I got an email for their new offer: golf clubs. I'm sure they are very nice golf clubs, but I haven't played golf since summer camp, ca. 1967.


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