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I spread an old sheet over the dry-clean-only comforter to try to limit the amount of cat hair that gets on it, and thus extend the cleaning cycle. (Yes, it was a mistake--I need to find a light duvet and washable covers, because a washable comforter is too big for my washing machine anyway. I do like the colors on this one, though...)

Fred occasionally decides that she *must* sleep directly on the comforter. When she does, a mere sheet is no obstacle...

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Got home from The Land of the Mouse last night without hassle--blog entries for the remaining days are in various states, and might or might not get posted sometime...

This morning in a make-up cat attention session, I found lumps near 2 of Agatha's nipples, and one of the nipples itself is enlarged. I managed an appointment with Dr. Dunn this afternoon, and it is probably either cancer or (I think I got the right phrase) mammary hyperplasia. Feline mammary cancers have a very bad prognosis--generally they metastasize, and the life expectance is 1-2 years with aggressive treatment. The hyperplasia, if I have the diagnosis right, can have various effects on quality of life too, but is not generally fatal in itself. Dr. Dunn thinks Agatha does not have any sort of treatable infection causing the lumps, in any case.

We're going to do nothing. Not going to worry about the exact cause, and just treat any secondary effects as they show up. Aggie's life expectancy at age 17 and with the kidney disease worsening isn't going to be significantly different either way, and trying to treat a cancer would definitely be too hard on her.

She's very annoyed with me for the vet visit on top of the 8-night trip to Disney World, and is hiding under the guest bed. Fred, on the other hand, who had her annual checkup this morning, is actively seeking attention just as she was before the vet trip.

Interesting side note: Fred is extremely vocal at home, complaining, demanding, or just talking. She gave maybe 2 meows on the trip to the vet, and was completely silent while there and on the way home. Agatha, who speaks only on rare occasions to demand some action on my part, cried all the way there and some on the way home, even though she was on my lap most of the return trip. Some sort of inverse action caused by the cat-carrier, perhaps...
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Fred and I are watching the Westminster Dog Show Well, I'm watching. Fred is bouncing around the living room playing with various toys, leaping on and off the cat tree, and generally entertaining herself. At the moment she's burrowed under a little pillow on a chair, and is peering over the top of it.

However, every now and then something on the TV catches her attention, and she moves in front of it and stares intently. A particular dog? Just the moving spot against the green background? Whatever it is, she is fascinated. For about 2 minutes....then she's off again.
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Fred's home, well shaved (far enough up her sides to produce something of a greyhound look), and with a few pain pills. I'm hoping she doesn't need the pain pills, as she dropped the bottle in her water dish when I wasn't looking and they got wet. Am trying to dry them out on a tissue at the moment, and will then see if there's anything like a pill left.

Fish thinks she's an intruder--she doesn't smell like the cat that left the house this morning. He's been hissing and growling at her every time she gets within 5 feet. I've tried re-anointing both of them with the scent I used to help introduce her, but that had no effect. Agatha hisses, too, but then she always does.

Fred is moving around easily but is in dire need of head scritches. The incision needs to be watched for heat, swelling, or seepage, but beyond that she should be done--the stitches are internal so they don't have to be removed (and she can't pick at them). And she should no longer be bothered by those hormonal surges.
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Fred will be off to the vet in the morning, to be spayed. And before she managed to come back into heat, yeah! I plan to collect her at the end of the day and not leave her overnight, unless they really push keeping her so she can stay quiet. I can separate her here (will have to do that tonight anyway to keep her away from food and water after midnight), and I hope she'll be subdued enough from the surgery to not tear wildly around on her own. We shall see...
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I called to schedule Fred's spaying last Friday, but Amelia, the head of the rescue organization and who works at the vet who does spay/neuter for them, doesn't work on Fridays. I thought anyone could schedule the appointment, but it seems Amelia needs to do it for the pre-paid adopted animals.

The beginning of this week was hectic, so I didn't manage to call again until Thursday. Oh, Amelia's not working today, she'll be in tomorrow (Friday). I didn't bother to ask why.

Called back a few minutes ago at 10:40 AM. Amelia's gone for the day--she'll be in Monday. Grrr.

And on the home front, Fred's heat seems to be tapering off. But it will repeat in 2-3 weeks if the spaying doesn't happen, so I really need to get that appointment.
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Must stop mentally composing LJ posts, and just do it. Short is good, esp. if the alternative is nothing...

I have procrastinated a little too long with Fred--haven't made the appointment to have her spayed, and now we are all enduring her first (and only) heat. She's had several bouts of howling, trying to call in a tomcat: I'm being very careful with doors so she doesn't dash out. She's prostrating herself in front of Fish regularly: he doesn't grasp the concept, and just tries to play. He does find her butt a little more interesting than usual, but that's about it. She plants herself in front of him and sticks said butt high in the air. He walks around her. She even tried posturing in front of Agatha, which earned her a growl and a hiss. Agatha remains Unamused by a third cat in the house.

Tomorrow. Must call the vet tomorrow.


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