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Product diversity, that is.

My favorite Publix has been expanding their sections of "ethnic" (not really, but I can't think of an umbrella term for all these) foods. Now the sequence is
mixed Chinese/Japanese

Kosher foods are one aisle over.

The British section is the latest--lots of cookies and candies, Bovril, golden syrup, packets of vanilla sugar, a mix of canned goods, and other stuff I can't recall. Quite a grab-bag, in other words, and I wonder how they came up with the mix. Just from requests?
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Sister-in-law and I got together for the initial stab at food planning for the Thanksgiving weekend. The general plan is that we go down to Moultrie (to my father's) on Wednesday morning. It's possible I'll manage to get away Tuesday afternoon, but I don't really think that's going to happen, and the kids have school through Tuesday. Wednesday afternoon then becomes very busy with grocery shopping (we'll bring a good bit with us, probably), cooking, and other meal prep.

I proposed that we go back to a long-time favorite for the big meal: Julia Child's Turkey Orloff. Orloff description, rest of the menu, and Pie. )
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I'm not fond of Peeps in any case, so this picture and recipe of Chocolate and Peeps Pie is very...unappealing. To say the least. Those who like extra-sweetened marshmallows, or who are imprinted on Peeps as Easter/Spring food, can have my share.
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I have this list of things I need to get done, several of which need to get done on a workday. Somehow, I never seem to get far on the list on my Fridays. Haven't called the roofer about when he's coming back to fix the furnace pipe and the attic vent, haven't called the tree guy, or a gutter company, or my yard lady. Need to email my architect to prod her about finishing my plans--I'll do that tonight, maybe. Then there's the big list of household chores that aren't getting done, either. Let's not even go into details, there.

But I did get to Weight Watchers (we're a test center for a new program, so things are pretty interesting of late), and went to a bookstore to buy books for my elder niece's birthday today, and made her a brownie ice-cream pie as a birthday cake, and went to the grocery store and the liquor store. Started on the re-arranging for the bathroom work that will happen while I'm gone.

We had a nice family birthday celebration at dinner. Niece has had a wonderful week, topped off by the birthday at school today. Her new private school does birthdays in a big way--she had a pile of notes and mini-banners (some with candy attached) from classmates, plus a plate of cookies that didn't make it home, a plate of brownies, and a plate of something else I didn't see unwrapped. And she was bubbling about it all--maybe it was a sugar high. (OK, she has been bubbling all week.) And that was before the brownie ice-cream pie.

She's not done with birthday celebrations, either--tomorrow night we'll go out to dinner with one friend and the friend's family to Kobe Steakhouse, a teppan-yaki restaurant. And I think there's a movie party in there somewhere, too.
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Hey, I like liver! Both calf's liver and chicken livers, though I have cooked chicken livers a lot more often. Tonight was calf's liver, though.

Liver recipe details hidden for the liver-averse )
One reason I don't cook calf's liver (or chicken livers, for that matter) very often: it's hard to buy enough for one person, and liver doesn't do well as leftovers. And as it's all been frozen before you see it in the stores these days, I don't think I'll try freezing half a package at home. Must try to coordinate liver dinners with my brother--he eats it, though I don't think the rest of his family does. But I don't think he eats raisins, so it will have to be some other recipe.
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I decided my dinner choices (my leftovers, or Bubba burgers next door) did not appeal, and opted for take-out Chinese. Got out the menu, made my decisions, and called Golden Buddha on Clairmont. But they didn't have power, and therefore were closed. Sounded like it might have been temporary, so I waited 30 minutes and tried again. No luck. Dinner was leftovers.
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I've been doing well with the diet this week. Monday meals were mostly out (Subway for lunch, a Japanese rice bowl spot for dinner), then I hit another grocery store and found the 1-point bagels I'm familiar with, and decided I'd make my lunches for the rest of the week. Dinner last night was a second trip to the rice bowl spot, for shrimp this time.

But tonight was my treat night: several of us went to 240 Union, a lovely little restaurant on the edge of the Denver Federal Center (which is where I'm working this week, so it's close to our hotel as well). A meal at 240 Union generally costs my entire per diem, if not more--but it's worth it. Tonight I got a grilled pork chop with a pistachio crust, balanced on a scallion risotto, with a pinot noir plum sauce. I also ordered a side of asparagus, baby carrots, and thin green beans. It was all absolutely lovely. I polished off the pork chop, but managed to put the fork down while there was still a good bit of risotto on the plate. One of my companions ordered the vanilla bean creme brulee (creme brulee is a real weakness of mine) and let everyone share: I had one spoonful and quit. I do believe I've stayed within my base number of points for the day! (Pats self on head...)

It helps tremendously to tell everyone about your diet early and often during a week like this. No one urged me to eat more creme brulee once I said I was done. People have been good about not pushing food and keeping the pass-around snacks in the room to things like pretzels and carrots, not cookies and chocolate. And I hadn't seen any of these people since I began WW, so there are lots of comments on my looks. Good reinforcement.


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