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I'm at Disney World again with K, my usual Disney travel companion. Previous attempts to blog these trips usually fizzle several days in, so I"m trying a new approach: use my neglected twitter account to record things as the day progresses, then turn on the LJ tool to go grab those posts and put them here. We'll see if the LJ/twitter thing works tonight, I guess. If not, I'll at least have the tweets as a general record...
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1. Got back from Disney Sunday evening (more write-ups to come, whenever I finish all the drafts I've got stored), and took Monday off for the home catchup on laundry, errands, etc. Went back to the office Tuesday.

2. I'm not caught up at the office (that's perpetual, only aggravated by the vacation), on my iGoogle feeds, on email (piffle and Bujold being the worst), on SFF.Net, you name it. This will not improve until after Thanksgiving, probably. Facebook has not yet become a regular haunt, so I never think of 'staying current' over there.

3. Fred and Fish feel that the staff (that's me) should not spend 9 nights away from the job, and are still demanding recompense. Fred has been training the substitute (sister-in-law) but live-in staff attendance is really required.

4. Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!!!! We're gathering in Atlanta, having decided not to have one last occasion in Moultrie. Older brother and spouse, and his older son are coming, and will stay with me. Sometime. (Probably Tuesday.) Cooking and cleaning are underway.

5. Sears and the freezer. There is progress, and the account probably deserves its own post. Short version: freezer is working, though the tech suggests not putting anything I care about in it for 2 weeks lest it fail again.
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After a tiring day yesterday (Friday), we wanted an easier day today. We set out about 9 to do a 'counter service' breakfast at the Caribbean Beach food court, Old Port Royal, and all of us did a 'hearty breakfast' plate at one of the food court booths, though doing some customization of 'no potatoes' or 'skip the french toast and add a second biscuit', which the servers happily accommodated. We brought some of the excess back to our room fridge for use later--I have a sausage biscuit I'll eat tomorrow, we have milk for the room coffee, and juice for Doris. Then we set off for Epcot, arriving around 10:30.

Day at Epcot, evening at Animal Kingdom Lodge )
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And it's another Disney trip! I'm writing posts and/or notes as I can, and will post them, I'm sure, delayed in various amounts from real-time. And may not get all the trip written up at all....

Arrival, check-in, and on to Epcot and the Food and Wine Festival )

We were relieved that our bags and the rollaway cot (Krissi is taking the cot) were at our room when we got there at 9:30 or so, and we unpacked and got set up. We're all into Disney pin trading, so we sorted pins from the day, looked through each other's 'fodder' (stuff bought cheap on eBay to trade), and headed to bed.
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Thursday--resort hopping to see Christmas decorations, lunch at the Grand Floridian Cafe at 2:00, and get to Cirque du Soleil in time for the pre-show before the 6:00 PM performance.
Friday--back to Hollywood Studios for more attractions, early dinner in Epcot at San Angel in the Mexico area
Saturday--Animal Kingdom again to at least see the bird show again, again an early dinner in Epcot, but at the Rose and Crown pub in the U.K. area
Sunday--departure day, attempts to get a breakfast reservation at Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge have failed. We'll probably try to find somewhere interesting to have a counter-service brunch meal before catching the Magical Express bus to the airport.
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We took the morning easy (OK, I did) as Krissi dealt with more work--I blogged, checked email, and did deal with a few work matters in email as well. I fetched baked goods from the Port Royal market area for breakfast in the room as we've done several times. We'll head to Epcot shortly to try for the Behind the Seeds tour, perhaps try a walk-in at one of the restaurants we haven't been able to get reservations for, then do some Tomorrowland wandering and some shopping, then will end the day early. We hope.
How it all worked out... ) Posting yesterday and today shortly, without a second read-through for edits and least something is posted.
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Before we got off for the day on Tuesday, Krissi had a call from her office that produced Work To Be Done. I went to see the concierge trying to implement the plans we laid the night before, with some success. (No first-choice selections, but got something off the list for each.) We finally got away in time to leisurely make our way through the Animal Kingdom entry areas, bird- and animal-watching as we went, to get to the Yak and Yeti restaurant in "Asia" for a 2:00 lunch.

Lunch in the Animal Kingdom, and a special event all evening in the Magic Kingdom )
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We didn't move fast in the morning by design, though I moved faster than Krissi due to inherent shorter sleep needs. I did discover that indeed the coffee at most of WDW is Nescafe, and that the little packs for the room are perhaps not Nescafe but are equally foul. It's caffeine, but still. I shudder to report that by today (Tuesday) my taste buds are tolerating the Nescafe (but the room stuff is still a shock). Hopefully this effect will wear off quickly once I'm home.

We went to Downtown Disney, the shopping area, first, ....all the details of the day behind the cut )
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In the hands of The Mouse....

Let's just preface this by saying that I (obviously) have no problems with having a vacation in Disneyfied surroundings. I know many do, and I can enjoy a real-world trip to the same sorts of locations, or some of them, along with the best of them. But Disney has it own charms. If you can take it, or just add observations on the Disney machine to your vacation activities. People who hate Disney should probably just skip the next week of blogging 'round here.

Lots of details on travel, some planning, evening at Epcot--my roomie is sleeping in... )

General plan for today: stop at concierge and try for dinner reservations, then go to Downtown Disney, eat lunch, and buy Cirque tickets for Thursday night. Next head to Disney Hollywood Studios for the late afternoon and dinner, see the special Osborne lights exhibit, and end with Fantasmic! show.
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I'm about to leave for the airport, off to Orlando and Disneyworld. I'm meeting my friend and co-worker Krissi, and we're going to do the adult's visit--no kids in tow. We have been planning this for quite a while, but thanks to lack of mental energy on both our parts not much of the original plan has been achieved. I wanted to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge so I could animal-watch whenever I wanted, but it filled up in the week before we made our reservations. We talked about some of the backstage tours, but those filled up, too--we will try for cancellations, but...

Doesn't matter, we're going, and will play it all by ear and have a good time at it. This may well saturate my Disney desires, as we're staying 9 days/8 nights. I'll be home a week from Sunday. I may or may not manage to blog the week, depending on energy and Internet access from the resort hotel.


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