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I started Sunday with an 'early' breakfast at an Einstein Bagels on the 16th Street mall--I'd wanted to try the Corner Bakery that several people had been enjoying, but it didn't open until 8 on Sunday and I was there around 7:40. (I note that there are 3 Corner Bakery locations here in Atlanta, in case I want to explore more. I suspect they are too similar to Panera and Atlanta Bread Co. to drive the extra distance for...)

Elevator woes )

In the beginning panel, and book signing with piffling )

Last panel, closing ceremonies, and an early dinner )

More socializing and leaving Denver )

What didn't I do at WorldCon, besides not getting to meet really *any* SFF.Net contacts, and a pretty large block of Bujold listees (but I did meet a number of them), and several Friends of Liad? I forgot to bring along some books for autographing, which would have given me a non-threatening means of meeting a few more authors I admire. I didn't manage any kaffeeklatches--the ones I was interested in were high-demand, and the rumor was that you needed to get in line at 7:30 or so before the sign-up started at 9 every morning. I wasn't willing to devote that block of time to it, and/or had breakfast plans that eliminated the possibility. I'd have liked to have caught more filk, especially the Bujold-themed session, but several of the other themed sessions sounded good, too. And there were many more panels I'd have loved to have heard, some of which didn't sound interesting on paper, but post-panel descriptions or other exposure to the participants now tells me I would have enjoyed them. Live and learn--all part of becoming more of the con-going community, I think. If I do another big con, I'll know a little more than I did for this one.
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I started Saturday at 8 with the Friends of Liad breakfast, catered by the Colorado Conference Center with a made-to-order omelet line and miscellaneous pastries. Had a nice time chatting with [ profile] growlycub, Preeti, and several Liad list people: Elaine ([ profile] ellayn), Angie, and Shawna. Chatted with [ profile] kinzel in the food line and again when he shifted over to our table after a while, on topics of books and cats and living expenses and Maine and on. Looking back at pre-convention email, I'm ashamed to note how many FoL people I *didn't* meet at the breakfast, given what a small crowd it was. I think [ profile] growlycub, Preeti, and I spent too much time chatting with each other so I didn't mingle and meet other people. My bad.

First panel and the reading from the new Miles book )

Lunch, afternoon panels, and the Hugos )
[ profile] growlycub and I dropped stuff at the hotel again, made some arrangements about room charges for Sunday night when her current 3 roommates were checking out and I would be moving to her room for my last night to help with the cost. Then we trekked to the Sheraton again and cruised the party floor. Found the semi-private Baen party (because we spotted Lois Bujold in a group headed purposefully down the hall, and followed), admired the cover flats that were displayed, and nibbled on the food, but both of us felt out-of-place there. Spent the most time in the Seattle bid party room because we managed to snag sitting space. If there was a Baen barfly gathering, we never found it. It didn't appear to be happening in the Baen party that we did find--that was clearly primarily for author and agent types.
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PhotobucketFriday started off with a quick breakfast of Egg McMuffin from Mickie D's (I needed fast and portable thanks to a late start), then I joined the 9 AM stroll that met at the Big Blue Bear in front of the conference center. Struck up a nice conversation with a woman who has relatives in LaGrange, and we chatted about a number of things as the group sauntered about a mile or so.
Panels on horses and republishing classics )
Lois's GOH speech )
More panels and the masquerade...with dinosaurs! )

When that was over, [ profile] growlycub and I set off to find the Baen party I thought I'd been told was Friday night. Found the Sheraton, endured the wait for an elevator to the (key-card controlled) 22nd floor, and discovered the Baen party was apparently Saturday night. Wandered through a few bid parties and one publisher party grabbing a few nibbles and looking at decor, then headed in for the night. Con parties, at least the ones held in hotels rooms (most of 'em, as far as I can tell), are not for the introverted, crowd-averse person who doesn't know any of those people anyway.
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Lovely start to the first full day of the con: Lois had one open breakfast slot, and had told [ profile] mbernardi to collect a small group and meet at her hotel at 9. The group was Lois, her daughter Ann, and [ profile] mbernardi, [ profile] filkferengi, Mary (CatMtn), [ profile] mmegaera, and me. more on breakfast, the dealers' room, rest of the morning )

afternoon: Lee & Miller reading, Bujold reading TSK )

Bujold list curry party! )

There are a few more curry party pictures in my Denvention set on Flickr.
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I didn't take many photos at Denvention, but here's a selection of what I have.

They are at flickr--I'll be sticking in references in the rest of the con report. Haven't tried to put many names on listees at the reading, or any on the curry party pics. Y'all help!
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First comment from a WorldCon virgin: planning one's travel to arrive well before the "Opening Ceremonies" does not get one here for the first round of panels, etc., unless "well before" is defined as at least 24 hours. At least for Denvention 3.

I got to the con and registered in time for the 2:30 panels *before* the 5:30 opening ceremonies--and panels started that morning at 11:30. Including a couple that sounded really interesting, one with Bujold. Oh, well, you can't do everything at a big con no matter what....

First panel I made was one of a series on classic authors, this one on Zenna Henderson. ...more on the Zenna Henderson panel )

Second panel was on Age & Wisdom: The Older Protagonist in SF, with a stellar panel of Elizabeth Moon, Larry Niven, Lois McMaster Bujold, and Robert Silverberg and moderator Margaret Bonham. ...second panel )

Oh, at the first panel I hadn't hooked up with anyone, though I saw Bujold come in late and leave early. After a while I spotted [ profile] filkferengi seated several rows up from me. At the second panel the Bujold listee cluster started, and I met James Bryant, Franz Tomasek, Mary (CatMtn). [ profile] growlycub found me--we'd planned to meet up. She let me know that Preeti was there, too, a contact primarily from the romance-reading world, though I knew she was also an SF fan.

Anway, following that was Opening Ceremonies, which I skipped to go claim my hotel room as it had not been available when I checked in. Got back (through the light rain that started falling mid-afternoon) in time for the Summerfair reception, and a major listee gathering. ....Summerfair and the rest of the evening )

Oh, I did get a little Friends of Liad contact in--found the fan table, collected a set of ribbons to attach to my badge ("Monday is for Saltation" "I follow Theo Waitely" "Friend of Liad" "I Read Advertently"), paid for the FoL breakfast on Saturday, and also chatted with[ profile] rolanni and[ profile] kinzel as they passed through the Crowne Plaza lobby on the way to the SRM party.
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Prompted by Internet buzz of accomodations being in short supply, I made my reservations for Denvention on Monday, the first day for doing so. My first choice (the Courtyard) showed as sold out which turned out not to be true, but I think the Crowne Plaza where I ended up will work just as well if not better. Certainly the location is a little more central, being between the party hotel and the convention center. I decided not to spend the extra $$ and stay at the Hyatt attached to the CC, so this is pretty good.

I'm actually off to Denver this Sunday for work--a week-long training class for Database Administrators for the National Water Information System, my agency's principal database. Parts of NWIS I know well enough to teach this class, but other parts I know nothing about. Then I go back to Denver in March and June for the regular database testing weeks, before Denvention in August. I'm going to know those Denver flights really well by the end of the year, if not as well as the year I had 8 trips to Denver. I think that was 2002...

In the usual Murphy's Law fashion, Denvention conflicts with InvestEd, the successor convention to CompuFest after various Issues at BetterInvesting led to that organization alienating the CompuFest organizing group. I missed last year's inaugural InvestEd because I wasn't willing to do an extra cross-country trip to L.A., but this year it's just up the road in Charlotte, N.C. However, WorldCon with Lois Bujold as GoH trumps my desire to see my old CompuFest buddies--and there will (I hope) be another InvestEd next year.


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