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It's mid-October. My father died mid-June, after being hospitalized at the beginning of April on. The medical statements are still coming.

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Related paper: my brothers and I each filed for our share of a partial month of Daddy's military retirement pay. Actually, first I filed the form in the name of the estate...but that was not permitted, so we each sent in the form as individuals. Tuesday I got the check, and the 1099-R tax form...and another envelope with a letter saying "we haven't received your reply...please fill out the enclosed form and send it to us immediately." Today came a postcard: "you have not returned your claim form". Don't know if he got today's postcard, but my brother next door got the same two envelopes on Tuesday that I did. I must admit they are trying hard to be sure they find the beneficiaries and pay them what's due.
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A day of details....

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More details to be dealt with tomorrow, more relatives will arrive, then the visitation.

He's gone

Jun. 15th, 2009 10:12 pm
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My father passed away this morning about 5:30 am. My older brother was with him, and said it seemed peaceful. He had not responded to us since Saturday night when he would still open his eyes and perhaps try to say a word or two.

I can't put together the post I want to do about him as my father and the center of an extended family just now, so I'm just going to paste our 'public' obituary draft which will appear in the local newspaper. Behind the cut....

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The day started out with a run to the urologist's office to see if the catheter needed to be re-inserted. Thankfully, no--despite Daddy's bladder getting very distended and painful overnight, he eventually persuaded it to let go of enough fluid to get comfortable. Looks like exercise is essential to keeping that system working while the bladder continues to build muscle tone.

Weather was providing some background excitement, as a good stiff wind blew most of the day. Before I got up the dead dogwood by the driveway toppled over (and was sawn up by city crews by mid-afternoon, wow!). An excursion to the grocery store needed a slight detour around the block where one of the senescent water oaks that line a lot of the city streets had toppled, taking out a slab of the sidewalk and a power pole or two. It's supposed to be windy again tomorrow, but not that cold--high about 69.

What kept me busy the rest of the day? Laundry, a trip to the post office with BookMooch mailings, two grocery store runs (I could get more efficient about this, but I keep thinking short-term), fixing soup and Reubens for lunch, cooking Penne With Chicken, Mushrooms and Asparagus for dinner and a fruit crumble for a semi-indulgent dessert. The pasta was OK--needs a little more punch somehow, perhaps from a significant increase in garlic. The fruit crumble was wonderful. Officially it was an Almond Fruit Crumble from Small-Batch Baking, using a Granny Smith apple and a half a cup of blueberries as the fruit. The recipe supposedly serves 2, but it fed me, my father, and my cousin Cecil with more than any of us though we should have.
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My younger brother returned from his visit to in-laws on Thursday, and drove down to Moultrie Friday night after visiting his office and collecting some files. I left Saturday morning for home. Now I'm packing to go back--brother has a jury duty summons for Wednesday. I have to take (well, lead) a conference call tomorrow from 12-2, but then will leave my office, throw the suitcase into the car, and hit the road.

Tomorrow morning is the appointment for taking out my father's catheter--brother will deal with getting him there and back, and will either stay with him until I get there or if things are doing well, leave earlier knowing I'm on my way. I'll be there until at least Friday, I think, and probably will be back next week for the next doctor's appointment where test results and treatment options will be discussed. Older brother the doctor is flying down for that, too.

The cats will be upset--they haven't gotten over their upset from last week, in fact, and are clingy and demanding. I have managed quite a list of chores in my 57+ hours at home (so far), but the cat-reassurance task is fated to be incomplete.


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