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For quite a while I've had this vague project of improving on my little knowledge of German left from 2 semesters of 'reading German' in grad school. My idea was to buy translations of a few books that I know very well, and try to read through them without (hopefully) needing a dictionary for every other word. This project had only progressed to the purchase of Bujold's Mirror Dance a few years ago (did I buy that on the family trip to Germany back in 2001?) and a handful of children's books. Then when I got involved in PaperBackSwap, I decided to add Der Kadett (The Warrior's Apprentice) to my wishlist. You never know what might turn up on PBS.

Sometime later, I got [ profile] filkferengi into PBS when she expressed the need to reduce her book inventory. She spotted Der Kadett on my list and got the tale of my project. Now in retaliation appreciation for telling her about PBS, she has just sent me a box of books in German. 12 Georgette Heyers, 3 Mary Stewarts, 3 Marion Zimmer Bradleys (one's an edited anthology). Oh joy, 3 Dorothy Sayers. (Gaudy Night! The Nine Tailors!) And 8 Bujolds--including Der Kadett, with what I consider the worst Bujold cover. So deliciously bad....

If anyone out there has a similar wish for reading in German, I'd be willing to share some of the Heyers, or the Mary Stewarts. A few of those are not favorite reads, and I've now got plenty of material for my self-education project.

Vielen Dank, [ profile] filkferengi!
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I ordered volume 1 of the French graphic novel adaptation of Bujold's The Warrior's Apprentice from Amazon UK, it not being available from Amazon US, and reports on Amazon CA over on the Bujold list indicating delayed shipping. (No, I have no French, but, hey, I know the story well...and am a Bujold fanatic.)

Today the shipping notice arrived via email: items (Sold by Amazon EU S.a.r.L.):

1 La saga Vorkosigan, Tome 1... £10.65

Shipped via Deutsche Post DHL (estimated arrival date: March 10, 2010).

So, is it being shipped from Germany, or is Deutsche Post DHL doing business in the UK? Or perhaps in France--maybe Amazon UK is ordering from the French publisher and having them ship directly to the customer.

In any case, I found the dispatch of a French publication, by a firm in England, via a German shipper....amusing. And neat.
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If any Atlanta Bujold listees didn't get the word, the MiniLoisCon will be squeezed in on [ profile] mbernardi's last night in town, which is to say tomorrow. My place, we're ordering in Chinese. Send me email offlist for the address if you need it...
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Almost time for The Sharing Knife: Horizon, the fourth and last planned book in the Wide Green World series by Lois Bujold. I've had an ARC since early October and have re-read it 3 times or more--I really like it, perhaps better than the other 3 WGW books. (Though Passage, #3, is a close runner-up.)

Until January 27 the entire text of the first WGW book, Beguilement, is up at Harper Collins. And the first 80 pages or so of Horizon is too--spread the word!

And if you read the sample and are frustrated by the cut-off point in the middle of a sentence, Lois has posted the remainder of that paragraph to give you a little closure.
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It seems my office is in need of a forensic plumber. We've had numerous toilet backups at this place all the time I've worked there (12+ years), but lately the problem has gotten worse. More history, declaration of vandalism, and proposed consequences )

So, no dead bodies in the sewer yet, but if this keeps up and the person is identified, the rest of the office personnel might try to stuff him down it.
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A while back I conceived the idea of trying to get copies of all of Bujold's available books (hardback editions, at least) into my local library system, DeKalb County. A catalog search shows a rather spotty collection--they have 1 copy of Paladin, but none of CoC or Hallowed Hunt. Four copies of TSK and ACC, 6 of Mirror Dance, 3 of The Spirit Ring, but only one of Memory. They have none of the early books that were published only in paperback until the NESFA editions, or at least none in the catalog--they don't catalog their mass-market paperbacks in general.

Found a contact, made the proposal, and we'll see what comes of it. )
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I've just posted an updated list of LJ usernames for current and former Bujold listees. I'm still accepting corrections, additions, and deletions--either comment here, send me email, or post to the list.
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For those Bujold listees who aren't up to date with the list: we're having another round of 'collect the LJ usernames', and I'm doing the collation of the list. It's up to 74 names, some of which were held over from the last time we did this in 2003. Here's version I posted to the list this afternoon--there've been some additions since then. I'll probably post an update tomorrow.
The omission of Malfoy's name and the spelling of Pouncer's handle have already been corrected.

If you'd like to be added, or if your username is still shown with an asterisk (from old list, hasn't spoken up this time as yet), or if your name was on the old list and you'd like it removed, just let me know.
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We had a nice MiniLoisCon last night at Crescent Moon at Northlake (easier access and parking than the Decatur one, site of many other MiniLoisCons). The occasion was the visit of [ profile] toraks with Tom and the oh-so-adorable Sean all in town for a neuroscience conference (Tom gave his poster session yesterday with Sean on his arm--I think it must have added a nice touch <g>), [ profile] toraks's cousin Vani, [ profile] filkferengi and Marty (Happy birthday, [ profile] filkferengi! I didn't know it was coming up, or we would have gotten you a candle in your dessert last night...), and Dawn B. and her mother. We took over a couple of tables and camped there for the evening--luckily the restaurant wasn't that busy, so I don't think we hurt our waiter's business too much.

We talked Bujold list, made faces and played games with Sean, gave our general non-spoilered feelings on TSK:B (not everyone had read it yet), I gave the kitchen remodeling update and [ profile] toraks compared notes with her pre-baby bathroom remodel, and on and on. [ profile] filkferengi successfully pushed books on Dawn, but had less success with me--Dawn got a few I might have taken, and most of what was left I already have or don't read. She did talk me into one, though--[ profile] filkferengi is a world-class book pusher, after all!
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Just entered The Hallowed Hunt into my Readerware database, using the auto lookup function. The Category entry came in as "Kings and rulers -- Succession -- Fiction, Rites and ceremonies -- Fiction, Animal sacrifice -- Fiction, Rape victims -- Fiction, Historical fiction, Fantasy fiction, Love stories".

Have we covered the gamut here? Could it be corrected to say "Fiction, Near victims of rape", perhaps?

However, my favorite HH entry is the SFBC flier that said "Lois McMaster Bujold dabbles in ANIMAL MAGNETISM"...


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