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Sep. 23rd, 2016 12:01 pm
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  • Thu, 18:19: Changed to shorts, assembled stuff for parks, headed out. Will stop at concierge for the sheet of hotel activities.
  • Thu, 18:32: TV commercial filming in Downtown Disney, disrupting traffic flow a bit. Lots of cast members directing us to the open path.
  • Thu, 19:10: Into Disneyland, decided to do the DL PinQuest since I did WDW one. Supposed to be a sort of scavenger hunt across the park, buying pins.
  • Thu, 19:11: CM at Music Store let me buy the entire set at once. I promised to go solve the clues over my weekend. :)
  • Thu, 19:15: The Pokemon/Disney conflict. Am standing under the music teachers window enjoying atmosphere, can't move on cause of the 2 lured Pokestops
  • Thu, 19:40: Collected caffeine at SBux, found a space to catch part of the afternoon parade over heads of those who staked their spots out early.
  • Thu, 19:42:
  • Thu, 20:00: In the "be kind to your feet" mode, will move fr parade standing to the Fantasy Fair show. I think it's Tangled, but mainly its seated.
  • Thu, 20:37: Dios de los Muertes decor
  • Thu, 21:03: Can't get a table at New Orleans Cafe, trying French Market's shrimp po boy.
  • Thu, 21:23: Shrimp po boy not great--ate the shrimp and left the potato roll. Leaves room in the carb budget for beignets, right? Maybe?
  • Thu, 21:32: Mickey beignets w butterscotch flavor in the sugar, for Halloweentime
  • Thu, 21:55: If one is in New Orleans Square anyway, might as well ride Pirates. 10 min wait, it says.
  • Thu, 22:40: Pirates was not so magical--lots of bumping boats before the first drop. Normally that part is smooth.
  • Thu, 22:40: Off wandering towards Tomorrowland.
  • Thu, 22:53: Waiting for monorail. Will take it to Downtown, walk back to GC. Then it will be bedtime. No fireworks tonight--off season, weekends only
  • Thu, 23:19: More filming for the commercial in Downtown. Big bounce screen for lights at the candy-making show window.
  • Fri, 11:01: Had thought I might do the morning "power walk" thru DCA at 6am (9 ET), but sleep win out. Off now at 8 to DL for breakfast, then a tour.
  • Fri, 11:25: No lines to speak of at security or the gate. Trying Rancho el Zocalo for breakfast--chorizo-egg burrito
  • Fri, 11:27: Chorizo egg burrito
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