Aug. 26th, 2016

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Aug. 26th, 2016 12:01 pm
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  • Thu, 14:41: Got our preordered merchandise and moved into the trading room. No confusion with the other Nancy Barber this year.
  • Thu, 15:22: Met up with Carol and Rocky and their son David. I brought them a couple of DL sets in return for Xmas pins last year.
  • Thu, 15:24: Grabbed the end of a trading table where S and her friend Torie were set up, got some multi person trading going.
  • Thu, 15:26: S found someone who wanted almost every one of my Pixar alphabets, reg. and chaser--26 pins. I'll look in her and Torie's stuff to balance.
  • Thu, 15:29: Left Coronado Springs close to 3, back to Beach Club to dump pin stuff. Grabbed snack of house made chips, lavash, hummus in lounge.
  • Thu, 16:08: Off to Magic Kingdom by bus. Bus sign says "My other bus is a magic carpet".
  • Thu, 17:04: After some back and forth, found store with Pin Quest starter, solved first clue, off to Storybook Circus.
  • Thu, 17:05: Emerged fr store in time for flag retreat.
  • Thu, 17:33: Pretty hot today too, but a little less humid than yesterday. Made it to Circus and did next stage of Pin Quest.
  • Thu, 17:34: Skipped our Mine Train FP, K not interested and I wasn't enthusiastic enough to make her wait on me.
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